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Harriers Acrobatics Gymnastics club has now been established for over 30 years and is ever growing and developing in both size, structure and success.


With its growth over time the club has improved in its success and development of young and aspiring gymnasts. These changes include new coaching techniques following the new and ever changing British gymnastics guidance and legislation, new equipment and gaining in new coaches from the gymnasts who retire from the sport but want to stay as part of the club sharing their knowledge and expertise of the sport with the younger generation of Harriers gymnasts.

All Harriers gymnasts and coaches must be members of British Gymnastics. All of Harriers Acrobatics Gymnastics clubs qualified coaches complete DBS checks and hold safeguarding and first aid qualifications.

Harriers assistant coaches follow the clubs code of conduct policies and procedures as they begin to gain experience in their coaching skills until they become eligible to undertake their coaching courses and all other qualifications.


Monthly standing order or online bank transfers (BACS payments) are the only way of paying for any fees due to the club. Payments should be made between the 1st and 5th of each month.

If anyone is unable to pay by this method, or for other finance questions please contact the finance team via email

All fees must be paid on time. Any delay in payment will result in your child’s training being suspended until payment is received.


Text/WhatsApp messages from the clubs mobile phone to be used as a method of communication. As well as emails being used to communicate where possible, the club has its own phone that is to be used for all communication. Messages will be forwarded to the coaches/assistants within the club where relevant and applicable.

The clubs website and social media facilities are also used as a method of communication for all members and helpers. Facebook, the website, emails and text messages will be used to post updates, news and information for parents/carers and we encourage everyone to make use of these facilities as they are free and instantly accessible. All correspondence to and from Harriers Acrobatics club is to go through the club mobile number of:07802 738 845 and email addresses of;

If your son/daughter is unable to attend a training session please notify us via the club mobile phone DO NOT USE THE HARRIERS FACEBOOK PAGE to notify us of your son/daughters absence.

Please remember when texting or emailing Harriers to always use/quote your child’s name within the message to make things easier and quicker for everyone.

It is the parents/carers responsibility to inform the club of changes to this information, any changes should be made in writing and handed to Julie Gibbens (Club Admin) or Sharon Baldie (Club Admin). Any changes can also be sent via email address above. 

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