COVID-19 UPDATE 19-03-20



It seems things within the UK are moving quickly and we have new daily challenges and threats.


Moving forward as a club with operations, values and health in mind.


We have made the decision to close our doors after classes this evening Thursday 19th March, in line with the UK school closures and until further notice.


At this date all accounts will be frozen until which point we are able to recommence classes.


In this uncertain time for everyone, health and our responsibility to our members must prevail.


Our club is a not-for-profit organisation and our only source of funding is through member’s fees. We hope this closure will be short lived and the effects on our club will be manageable,


Your goodwill during this time will be greatly appreciated.


Best wishes to all our members, stay safe Harriers family and hopefully we will all be back doing what we

love soon.